As followers and disciples of Christ [i.e., Christians], our aim is to follow His words, and His words only. From the earliest record, Christians followed no human creed and felt no reason to create one; they were content with the words of their Lord and Savior, and I see no logical reason to deviate from that example. As His disciples, we do not claim to be perfect, but that His word and way is perfect, and that by those words we will be judged, in the end (John 12:47, 48). As such, we strive to diligently study those words on a regular basis that we might better understand His will, properly interpreting and applying those same words to our lives, and obeying each command.

We know, too, that we each will fail in some way, for no man is without sin -- not even Christians. Though our spiritual enemy uses this fact to discourage us, we know that it is by God's grace and the power of Christ's blood that we were and are forgiven when we follow His instruction (Acts 2:38; 1st John 1:9).

A look at the early churches, as seen in the New Testament record, will demonstrate the reality that since churches are made up of imperfect people, churches will be imperfect, too. Our aim, in striving to be the church Christ established and purchased with His precious blood, is to keep appealing to the forgiving power of His blood when we fail, resolve to keep trying our best to be more like Him (Eph. 4:12-15), ad keep our eyes on the goal of heaven (Phlp. 3:13).

If you would like to join us in that effort, we would welcome you gladly, and God would be pleased!